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Get more insight in your personal health based on 25+ essential health markers.
Receive your personal Health Report derived from a comprehensive lifestylebiometrics, blood– and urine analysis.
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Expat services

Time for your yearly health check up? Need a medical examination for a new job or visa abroad? We offer specialized services for expats in The Netherlands. Make an appointment for a Personal Health Check or Medical Examination from Healthlab and get your personal Health Report or other required document within a few business days.
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Health facts

Cardiovascular disease

Daily 1000 individuals in the Netherlands are admitted to the hospital due to cardiovascular disease and daily 107 individuals decease due to cardiovascular disease. (Reference: Dutch Heart Foundation).


Approximately 200.000 individuals in the Netherlands have diabetes without knowing it. Annually 52.700 individuals in the Netherlands are diagnosed with diabetes. (Reference: Dutch Diabetes Foundation)


In the Netherlands approximately 300.000 individuals are at high risk for COPD without knowing it. (Reference: Lung Foundation Netherlands)

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Health insurance

Our Personal Health Check is being reimbursed by several health insurance providers.  Contact your own health insurance provider to check whether a preventive medical check is covered by your insurance plan.
High quality

Our Personal Health Check is developed by medical doctors based on the latest medical insights and is only performed by certified doctors and laboratories.

Fast service

A Personal Health Check takes up only 30 minutes of your time. You will receive your Health Report within 3-5 business days.

Safe and secure

The safety of your personal data is ensured thanks to state-of-the-art technologies including TLS and end-to-end encryption.

Happy customers

Client satisfaction is one of our main priorities. Many happy clients already rely on the services of Healthlab.